Who are you?

Either the most boring person you know or the most insane person you know

You don't seem insane to me?

Have you not noticed the "Fanfic" section of this website yet?

What is this website for?

Posting random shit on my blog and/or serving as a platform for my "writing"

Why is writing in quotes?

Refer to my answer to question 2

Damn bro that's crazy, but have you considered getting some bitches?

Only if they're fictional. You may notice that introduces a slight paradox which means that I will never get bitches until someone figures out multi-dimensional travel (never)

Where are you from?

40.31514922688336, -83.06496911453435 (not really, I'm from South Carolina which is slightly more sane than Ohio)

What is your least favorite organ?

Tough question, but the gallbladder is pointless and will probably prove to be quite painful in the future

But the gallbladder doesn't sell for very much on the black market.

Wait are you trying to sell my organs- HELP