Hey, Just Lighten Up

Bendy retreated to the ‘living room.’ Was he really alive enough to call it that? Well, he thought, guess I’d just have to wait for another one.. would there be ‘another one?’ Considering Y/N was the first one here in what felt like years, maybe not. But, considering how they acted towards him, maybe that was for the better…

I soon found out that it wasn’t my actual alarm; it was the vibrations of my friends calling me, which sounded exactly like my alarm. While amusing and respectable, it also became just slightly annoying, and so I started a video call in our group chat (thank goodness that service somehow got into here).





And, finally, they answer.

“OMIGOD OMIGOD! N/N, where the hell have you been?!”


“We’ve all been so worried!!! We haven’t seen you since you went into that dusty old animation studio!- I- YOU’RE STILL THERE?! Y/N, SHOULD WE CALL 911-”

Bendy interjects, “What’s 911?”

“Y/N?? Who’s that in the background??? Have you been kidnapped?!”

“No, I haven’t been kidnapped.. I think. You’ll never guess who I met-”

“Y/N!” Bendy bursts into the room. “I- wait, what is that? How is it lit up and has audio coming out of it? Lord, I’m too old for this..

“Yeah; him.” I switch the camera around to the one facing him. “Say hello to Bendy, I guess.”

“Y/N, I do not say this lightly; what in the actual fuck. Why is it covered in ink??”

“I wish I knew… but honestly, he’s been nice, so don’t diss him too hard, please?

“Y/N do you have Helsinki Syndr-”

“Stockholm Syndrome, not Helsinki Syndrome, idiot. And no, I don’t. Probably.”

“Whatever, you know what we meant. And why are you being so mean to us all of a sudden?” F/N makes a pouty face. Somehow, no-one else has joined to do the same.

“Hey wait, I’m not being mean-”

“You folk were the one who called me ‘it…‘”

“Shut up, thing. Anyways, Y/N, we’re just worried about you!”

“But I’m real…” Bendy said, dejected, and began sinking into the ground, leaving only a puddle of ink when he was gone.

“Okay, that was just mean…”

“Why do you care so much about him, anyways? We’re coming to pick you up; we’ll call when we get here.”

And so, they hang up.

“What the fuck was that…” I think to myself. But, they did bring up some good points.. why do I care about him so much? Do I have Stockholm Syndrome? Well, even if I do, it still means I truly care… where was Bendy, anyways?

Putting those thoughts aside and finally getting out of the bed I was put in (you could see that it had ink all over it, eugh. kinda comfortable though…), I saw properly where he had gone (or more precisely where he left from). There was an ink puddle where he was once standing, where he had ran away from, but where was he now? “Ohhhhh, Bendy? You still there?”

Could a thing sob and snivel? Well, if it couldn’t before, Bendy could do it now. What Y/N’s friends (or what he thought were their friends, anyways; he assumed it was a modern version of a telephone) had said had got to him… it brought back bad memories of when Boris had-

“Beeeeeendy, where aaaaaare you?” They… they didn’t hate me now? They were looking for me? What in the..

“Y/N? Yo- sniffle- you want me to show you out?”

“Well, yeah, I guess. But..” I weighed my options. Bendy seemed nice enough, just lonely. So… “Don’t worry, I’ll come and visit you tomorrow!”

“You- you will?”

“Of course. I’ll even bring something to let us talk while I’m gone!”

“You don’t hate me? Or think I’m a horrifying monster?”

I kinda did, but better to Not Say That (and I didn’t mind that much, he was honestly kinda cool). “Of course not!”


I could tell he didn’t even know what to say in response. Attempting to continue the conversation before my friends tried to firebomb the place to get me out; “Aaaanyways.. how exactly do I get out of here?”

“Oh! Yes! Sorry, lost in thought… follow me.”

He then proceeded to create a ink puddle on the wall, which he simply.. walked through. “C’mon, follow me in,” he exclaimed through the portal; “I know you can go through, it’s how you got here in the first place!”

While still slightly disbelieving him, I decided I didn’t really have anything left to lose, and so followed him in.

I stepped into a tunnel of inky black, barely able to see Bendy blocking the light at the end. “Just walk over here!” I really had no choice other than to walk over there, so I did. Thankfully, the walk was uncomplicated and once I got to the end, I finally saw daylight, for the first time in… wait, how long has it been?

“So uh, Bendy.. how long was I out for?”

“Uh.. 12 hours?”

W h a t. I hadn’t been out that long since childhood! Well, I’d worry about that later.

“Thanks for not killing me or anything, Bendy.”

“No problem, Y/N! And.. you promise you’ll be back?”

“Of course.”

And, with that, I saw one of my friend’s cars. “Welp, see you tomorrow, Bendy!”

“See you later!”

Finally out of the studio (for now), I hopped into my friend’s car and we drove off, waving all the way up the driveway.