Blood and Ink

Bendy groaned. Well, what was left of him did. His physical form had been long decayed far beyond his old self.. lord, what he would’ve given to be like that again. It was too late to dawdle on the past, though. And, speaking of the past…

This was the first time a person had come into the studio for years. The last ones had long since ran off. So had his other toon friends, even; they got frightened after an outburst of anger and ran to the lower levels, never to talk to them again. He didn’t even know if they still lived down there. Would you want to check the successful lives your old friends were probably leading, while you have been sulking for the past decades on the upper floor of a worn-out animation studio barely held together by ink, a pencil, and a dream?

If he could not get this [boy / girl / enby], well.. he didn’t want to think about what he would, even could do if they didn’t like him. Getting that thought out of his head before it turned him into a monster once again, he focused on the task at hand; getting them to him. Naturally. Without scaring them. Well, he had already tried, but they got spooked every time. This time, there was no way they’d be scared!

I had focused on the list and only had one item left to go; the plushie. But, alas, I wasn’t coming out of here without an addition to my collection (and I was even more reinforced by the sheer cuteness of the Bendy on the posters), so I continued my search. In the meantime though, I noticed a disheartening fact: ink was beginning to soak into my clothes, presumably from the inkwell I thought was sealed. “Well shit.” I had brought a backup for changing into afterwards (I figured there would be some spillage), but I found that the entire bag was soaked with ink; including my backup clothing. But, even more oddly, the items I got from the studio weren’t. Now, I didn’t believe that there was a real supernatural, but this studio was slowly convincing me to the opposite. Between the moving cutouts, impervious items, and the ink-stained walls (did I mention the ink-stained walls?), there had to be something going on here. So I sped up the search yet further; there had to be something resembling a plush doll in this studio.

After even more searching (my friends had to have been worried, by now), I finally found it. The Bendy plush I’ve desired since seeing that first poster on the wall! However, upon grabbing it, I was dismayed to discover that it was inky as well. At this point, I had to exclaim “Is everything in this studio made out of ink?!”

“Now’s my chance!” Bendy exclaimed mentally. He readied his portals (he could move through the studio using ink, considering that the studio was kinda just wood-colored ink at this point), and he could see them. And so, he went through.

I turned around, now looking for the exit, when suddenly-
“Sure is, [lad / miss]!” I turned slowly, in stunned horror at the unfamiliar voice, and found a deformed and mangled version of the Bendy on the posters. He had the smile, but ink had covered his eyes. He was more humanoid now, too; even had a limp leg, the poor thing. But, before I could react anymore, I collapsed from the sheer shock of seeing a living being made of ink (as I hope most would). Before I fully passed out, I felt like I was falling further than should’ve been possible, and the world faded into an inky darkness as I completely fainted.