A Story Of Subliminals: Part I

That moment when you want to learn sex jokes so much you turn to magic audio.

Hello, and welcome to this “blog post”. This is a compilation of all my posts on Discord about subliminals (more specifically, Hazbin Hotel subliminals), with redundant information removed and some slight html improvements added. A part II will eventually come, with the story of me trying subliminals out and seeing if they “work.” Until then, enjoy!

The first discussion

ah yes

when you are two and know about sex, let alone sex jokes

pretty nonchalant about apparently picking up a whole different set of personality traits

Ah yes, DNA changing-audio

Also, this is probably just a song (what the top comment of this one said) and its relying on the placebo effect

Then again, idk, I’m only looking it comments not listening to it

The next day…

Oh god, I found a playlist of them

Apparently, people really want their personality to be sex and drugs (2021 note: I do not agree that Angel has no personality other than sex and drugs nowadays, before my email gets spammed by Hazbin fans)

Ah, I can learn Italian by listening to a tone! Our scientists should’ve figured this out by now, it would make Duolingo much better.

Ah yes, it will be reenforced every time I blink, a fullproof solution! Also, this is supposed to alter others’ memories and make people accept this as being my personality? Seems kinda sus to me.

Will it make an alternate universe and send me to it, or something? I don’t know how else it would do something like that


This can actually tie in with my placebo theory, as it isn’t changing everyone’s mind, only changing the users mind (which could theoretically happen)

this comment continued but i didn’t have anything to say about it, lets move on.


Who the fuck is Roo?

Is this supposed to mean it’ll be in your dreams, or something? This is too funny lmao

There was originally a bit about me betting to listen to them, we’ll return to that in Part II

We are now on a manifest Alastor subliminal

2021 addition: we will come to know that the people who make these really like making the characters stalk you

And the blood, because that is totally in context.

We got a chad creator, listening to their own content… which caused them harm. Good omen.

Ah yes, the most obvious route, making a soul copy! Works everytime, buy one for $9.99 from your local pharmacy!

The following is a direct extract of a conversation from Discord, as it only really works in that context.

  cos (a friend of mine)
  	there dosnt need to be more than one cos
  	let me tell you

  	But this cos wouldn't know

  	like what if we worked together

  	Because it goes to hell

	what kind of sins would we commit?

Who the hell would want an unideal sex life? How does that even work? You could say that you could have a fetish for it, but for someone to indulge in that fetish it would be an ideal sex life? Thats kinda a paradox, not gonna lie.

The next day (finally)…

I’m interested to know how this works. Would it just be that they could magically not interact with any phyiscal objects (like imposition in tulpamancy)? Or, is it just not true? Can I filter this affirmation out?

My personal theory (this will come back later) is that the portalling would all take place in a dream, so it wouldn’t affect anything IRL. Not to discount the idea that it’ll magically give me the ability to create dimensional portals, of course, but still.

hol up

So if I, say, brought my phone into the portal:

  1. Would the phone stay realistic, or would it be in a 2.5D artstyle (as I assume the world will look like that)
  2. What would happen to cellular service/WiFi near the portal?
  3. Following up on the last question, would the phone already be compatible with HellNet (or Hell’s internet equivalent)?

Actually, continuing the train of thought in those questions, what would stop me from taking videos in Hell with a phone, and bringing it back IRL and posting it online? I mean, the FBI would be on my trail, along with every government known to Man, but like, I could just go through the portal. Right?

Wait, if I could access IRLnet through the portal (theoretically possible even without WiFi via Ethernet), could I be on a Discord call in Hell? (I promise, I stop talking about this eventually)

Ah, this is good! The people I bring in won’t die of the people in Hell (although, they would probably die of shock).

Additionally, what if I wanted to leave my family stuck in Hell? Would it be an undying purgatory, and I’m the only one who can get them out?

We have switched machines at this point btw

So if I stay in Hell, depression just takes a hike? Gonna have to send this to some friends, damn.

It is finally over. You should be amazed you made it through this. I hope you enjoyed this post, although I doubt it. Have a good day, and keep out for Part II!