Why are printers shit?

Fuck you, Canon.

Why are printers so terrible? I mean, is it that hard to make a functional product? I know this has been well walked ground, but any printer I’ve ever used makes me wanna send my head through a wall!

As an example, just today, just 10 minutes ago even, I had to reconnect a printer to the internet. Simple, right? WRONG!

So to start off with, I went to Canon’s website for my printer model to try and find a manual to reconnect it. Issue: I run Linux. None of the manuals are for Linux.

Alright then, why not just use a windows VM? Well, the internet connection would technically be different, so I couldn’t connect to the printer with it. Alright then, why can’t I use a Windows computer? Well… I don’t have any that aren’t in use by someone.

Ok fine, I’ll just use the phone. Issue: it has no usb port! I couldn’t even plug my phone into it to connect it. What the hell?

Regardless, I downloaded the app in an attempt to somehow have the printer use a magical direct connection feature. And guess what? THAT WORKED

With NO indication on the manual, it can just automagically connect to a device on a network it isn’t even connected to. How the hell does that even work?

Anyways, lets go back to before I found this out. I tried every other method on the app to get it to connect, and nothing.

Why the hell does this need to be so hard anyways? Why can’t the printer manufacturer just include a screen on the printer to connect with? It can’t cost that much, considering the amount of money they make off the ink (don’t even get me started!)

I’m probably just missing something here, but I got so aggravated (especially because people kept trying to tell me to use the “Network and Sharing options” in Control Panel… even though thats for the computer, not the printer) that I wrote this out of RAW ANGER

Fuck you, Canon. (/s)