The "making fun of fanfiction" to "crying" pipeline

or, how I learned to stop caring about quality and love fanfic

… What have I become?

image of phone homescreen with fizz in background

It’s a serious question worth asking. I used to be one of those folk that laughed at nearly anything that came out of a fan community; and yet, here I am, enjoying (objectively) absolutely fucking deranged bullshit (KNITTING! A FUCKING HELLUVA BOSS KNITTING FANFICTION! IN NO WORLD DID I EVER THINK I WOULD LIKE THIS, BUT HERE WE FUCKING ARE!) that previously I would’ve spat in the face of. But, despite some of my prior history of making fun of these, something obviously changed. Did I simply see the light? Did I finally break, and fall into insanity’s arms?

Well, probably. Regardless, it’s interesting (for me, anyways) to think about. I wonder; could most of my consumption being at, like 5am, leave much of an impact? From experience, I can kinda lose “inhibitions,” persay, if I stay awake too long. As it does extend past then into the day, I’d imagine it’s probably not entirely the case, but still. Am I rambling? I’m definitely rambling, considering it is ironically 5am while writing this. Oh well!

Well, you can find me crying in the corner at the sheer notion that poor ol’ Fizz is mortal and can indeed die (maybe I should blacklist “Major Character Death”). Have a good day or night, all!
and yes, subliminal part 2 is still coming i’m just lazy