New Website, New Me Us

So… website revamp. Again. This is the third major iteration, after both the original hand-written HTML, and the prior version.

Weren’t there old blog posts? Where are they?

I… am not proud of those. They were written when I felt much different about life, my writing style was more “immature” for lack of a better term, and of course I was a singlet then (but that’s for later). Some of them (ie the old GNOME article) are just outright misleading or wrong, very weirdly worded to make me sound more official on the subject than I was, and are generally just kinda bad. So now they’re gone! You have to dig them up manually to review them, anyways, which takes a lot more effort.

The elephant (or two) in the room

Yeah, so… we’re a system now? Bit of a different situation than last time I wrote a blog post, for sure. I think I’m going to write a separate article on how that’s changed our life, but tl;dr it’s really cool and I like it a lot. (Also yes we’re endo/tulpas/whatever, sysmeds feel free to DDoS ❤️)

Other fun things

This isn’t actually relevant to the rest of the blog post, just want to say “fuck Twitter” incase it needs reiterating to anyone. (This is also a teaser for the next blog post. :) )