So... what happens when we die?

But like, I really do want to fuck Angel Dust when I die.

So… what really happens when we die? Do we just… stop existing? Is our consciousness stuck in a black void with our own thoughts? Is there a Heaven? Hell? Are the people on Dr. Oz just making s**t up?

Well, chances are the last one is true, but will there ever be a scientifically excepted answer, or will the ideas be relegated to supernatural communities?

Or, how about a better question… What do we hope happens in the afterlife? The nice thing about this question is that… it’s human. It is impossible to be answered scientifically, because it’s, no matter how much some groups try to sugarcoat it, an opinion. We will never know what actually happens when Death comes a’knocking, unless we die… and you can’t really come back from death (although, HMU if you have “died” before and are currently living, I can set up an interview.). Yes, I know that technically you can come back from death, but I mean dead dead. No coming back-dead.

And now the question goes back to where we began…

So… what do I think happens? Well, thinking and hoping is an important distinction to make in this instance. However, if we take the question at face value… realistically, we just stop. We don’t think. There is just… nothing. Personally, it‘s very tough for me to conceptualize this. I feel as if there is an important distinction, however; what if we could think? That segways nicely into what I hope happens. Speaking of which, what do I hope happens? Well, the differences of hope and realism don’t affect what my very generalized and low-level theory is, which is that it is only a black void. But, the main difference is… either the brain (or rather, your conciousness and its ability to modify the inputs of the senses) or a higher power creates whatever afterlife you truly want. Want Christian heaven? Go right in, God says hi! Want to be reborn? Let the mind create a fake world for your new form to inhabit! Want to go to Hazbin Hotel’s Hell? Go fuck Angel Dust all you want! Want to have miracuously survived your death, and wake up back in “Reality”? Let your vision slowly fade back in, and rejoice with your (fake) loved ones! Want to go to Christian Hell (for some reason)? Be damned for all eternity! I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Notice how I said fake a few times there? That’s because in this theory, nothing you’d experience after death is real. Its all, essentially, a hallucination.

A good way to think about this; once you die, your “brain” has multiple different servers that it can “connect” to, similar to the client/server model used in networking, and each of the “servers” serve up a different after life, I.E. one can serve Hazbin’s Hell, and another could serve Christian Heaven, etc, etc. When the “brain” connects to this “server,” “Your” (and by you, I mean your consciousness) visual, auditory, tactual, olfactory, gustatory, and even kinesthetic (I’m using that as meaning the awareness of the position of your limbs) inputs are “connected” to the server, and are receiving what “you” are seeing, feeling, tasting (potentially even owoing (thats not a sense, but okay me)), and all the others, although of course “you” are not actually in that place, you only feel so. And, if you feel it as your reality… is it any different than true reality?

Note from the Author: I’ve been wanting to put my thoughts online about what I think happens upon death for a while now, so I decided to go ahead and write them all down on my blog. I hope you enjoyed, as I plan to create more posts in this “So…” series (name pending)